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With numerous players in this sector, the question always arises as to why choose this particular company or service. ACCELARATA have distinct reasons as to why ACCELARATA  is the ideal choice for all your electronic, electrical and industrial component requirements.

Accelarata has specialisation in Obsolete Electronic Components.

We are product to be serving in India, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Srilanka.

Устаревшие Электронные компоненты с поставщиком

Obsolete Electronic Components Anbieter

Obsolete Composants électroniques fournisseur

Obsoleto Componenti elettronici



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යල් පැන ගිය විද්යුත් උපාංග සැපයුම්කරු

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No Minimum order quantity


Unlike our contemporaries, we support the quantity you require without any restrictions on minimum quantity.


Help locate and source rare or hard to find electronic components


We help in locating and sourcing difficult, rare electronic components allowing the customer a hassle-free experience.


Manage long lead time material


We understand the need and importance of timely product sourcing and delivery. We manage long lead time materials to the best of our abilities.


Knowledgeable technical support


Our Customer service is not just about feedback, we ensure that we are always at hand for the client in case of technical support as well.


Kitting facility of electronic component


We provide a kitting facility for electronic components as well, thus ensuring that the products when delivered are ready to use without valuable time spent re-grouping components.


Excess Inventory management


We also help quickly turn excess inventory of electronic components and finished systems into recovered value. This also includes flexible purchasing solutions as well.