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Order Placement and FAQs

Purchase orders via email


Depending on the choices and mode of security of the customers as well as the business process of our customers they can opt for orders via email. As some of the customers and buyers are anxious while placing orders online, our email option puts them at ease.


We welcome all orders at Verical.com, both, online and offline with a skilled ecommerce support team waiting to assist you to place your order. If you want to submit your purchase order via   email,   please   attach   a   PDF   cop of   your   order   an send   us    note to [email protected]dia.com.


Please note: When you try to submit orders via email and ask our customer service staff to enter an order for you or for some other help, there will be a delay before your order is entered and the inventory secured. Due to the risk associated with it, that of a possibility that another buyer may purchase your parts before your order is entered self entering is encouraged. Self-entering orders online at leiindia.com is the only way to instantly secure the parts you need before it goes out of stock. So, if you urgently need your product and the parts are in short supply, it is better to place your order online by yourself without any delay, even if it takes an exemption process to do so.

We are available at +91-020-66245196 for further queries. Our customer care executives will answer your queries to the best of their abilities.


Price negotiation

Prices which are published on website are not negotiable in nature and if you find comparatively better prices than ours, you can share with us. Availing a possible discount is dependent on the circumstances.


Payment acceptance criteria


Our company accepts all standard forms of payments. Whether it is pre-paid methods like wire transfer, PayPal and credit cards or extended payment terms. The later part is specifically  for  credit  worthy  customers.  If  you  would  need  an  extended  credit  terms, please email @ [email protected]accelarata.com.


Placing an order with ACCELARATA


You can start your shopping by selecting the parts you want to buy and then navigating to checkout. In case you're purchasing with a credit card, enter your billing, shipping, and credit card information when prompted.


If you have extended payment terms with our company, add that purchase order number to your Leiindia.com order when prompted, and check out.


If you want to pay by wire transfer, follow the instructions provided online.


Lastly,     you     can     submit     orders     via     EDI     also     or     by     sending     an     email to support@accelarata.com with  a  purchase  order  attached  to  the  mail  and  follow  the protocol specified by your procurement department leadership. For further assistance, call us at +91-020-66245196.


Shipping arrangement

Accelarata comes with options for you to select pre-paid freight arranged by the company in affordable and good Freight Charges & Options. All relevant shipping and tracking information is provided upon shipment of each purchase automatically including airway bill numbers.


Process for cancellation or changes to order



All orders placed are considered to be final. Items once purchased cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged, transferred, or changed, even for a fee. Exception is made only when items received do not match your order, or are materially defective.

Most bookings made on our website are final except few exceptions. Items that are non- cancelable and non-return