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Industrial divisions, extending from item assembling to sustenance handling and from development to bundling industry, are very dependent upon an assortment of electronic and electrical supplies. There are numerous classifications of electrical and electronic instruments  and related devices  that  are basic for different procedures  in  modern divisions.

We,  Accelarata are  your one stop destination for all  Electronics & Electrical Industrial

Component needs. Explore our exclusive range of utility electronics products and a fully cataloged collection of actual Stocks and Sale through our online portal.


Accelarata is a fast growing online superstore company that offers electrical products at great price with great servicing. With highly competent workforce, it aims to provide innovative value-added solutions to core processes to obtain efficient cost-effective deliverables. It not only places world's best quality electronic& Electrical Industrial components at your finger tips but also adapts itself according to need of the market.


The  online stores  of electronic  components  are generally marred by long lead times, product obsolescence, failed delivery dates anlack of customer service. But Accelarata focuses majorly on solving these issues and gaining the trust of customers by being reliable, by providing quick quotations and ensuring swift & safe on time delivery at best prices.




Unwavering commitment to quality & service keeping in place our core values of excellence,teamwork and leadership to achieve growth.




Accelarata is committedtoprocuring anddistributing the highest quality products that havetraceability data advantage. Our company is not only known for its product quality but is devoted to provide quality through knowledge, quick and safe on time delivery, exemplary service, both within the organization and toour customers.


Our customer Advantages:


1.  No Minimum Orderpolicy

2.   NoStandard packing Quantity

3.  Fast Delivery

4.   Qualityand warrantied products

5.  Traceability  of the product



Excess Inventory Management


Accelarata is also highly active in the promotion and buying of ExcessInventory of OEMS, andis well equipped to handlethe after-sale processes in the International and Domesticmarket through itsOnline Portal.

We are verymuch aware about the non-moving or slow-moving inventories that areperilous  to  the  Companies.  Accelarata  helps companies  to  remove excess  /  Non/Slow

moving inventories at agood price too.


Based onthequality of the products, whether the component is still in the Original Manufacturer Packing,the Date code (Manufacturing Year), Functioning, Traceability data availabilityetc., all your access inventoriesfrom company can be presented for sale at an affordable rate.




How It Works


Accelerata hasa tie up with Global Distributors, Independent Distributors and Search Engines. It promotes & highlights the Inventory 24*7*365, which gives it an edge to moveInventory & accelerate your business and t